Monday, December 7, 2009

wake up for a while. toilet break,

i had this dream recently. a very weird dream in which i would like myself to remember.
so, i'll "wake up" from this little hibernation for a while.

it goes like this. i dreamt about me scolding me.
yes, i saw myself infront of me, scolding me.

wat "he" said struck me so hard that i remembered it till i woke up.

wat he said was simply "Who will believe in you if even you do not believe in yourself???"

and there's also this little conversation between us. i'll juz highlight the end. its reali like something i would say. its juz that this time i'm the one consulting and also the one being consulted. it went....

Him: is there hope?
me: yes.
Him: do u have confidence?
me: yes.
Him: then u can achieve anything, my friend.

i may not have shared this to anyone but this is like my own personal motto since a long long time ago... "If u have hope then u have confidence. and when u have that confidence u can do anything". thats the priciple behind my "infinite semangat" that i'm ever so proud of.(only a certain few will know of this)

but this principle works vice versa too. over the years it has turned to "if u DONT have hope, u DONT have confidence and when u DONT have that confidence, u CANT do anything." and thats where i lost myself i guess.

hope is indeed the worst thing to be without.

till nxt time. hibernation continues.

Friday, December 4, 2009

hibernation part II

i have recently subcribed to maxis broadband. i now have stable internet connection.
however, i feel somehow reluctant to blog about anything. i'm lazy and nothing reali comes out. so it has been decided. hibernation phase II.

spoiler: i'm no longer living in Island Glades.

p/s: i dont do wedding tags. i dont know the answers for more than half of the questions.

i'll update this blog when i feel like updating. till nxt time.

Friday, November 27, 2009


this blog will now go into hibernation until marcus lim finds himself proper internet connection.

till nxt time,

Monday, November 2, 2009


exams are over and holidays have officially started.
and in this short 3 days so far, i have been indulging myself in TV series.

thanks to jon easaw, i manage to get my hands on F.R.I.E.N.D.S. season 1 and 2. (i'm missing season 1-episode 2)

a very nice series to follow. i recommend this series to everyone. those who are bored to death from the sem break will surely be jolted back to life. its reali reali funny.

for those who's been living in a jungle and had never heard of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. tv series, its basically about this bunch of ppl together and how their lives affect each other. its a story of daily life. how each and everyone of them complained that their life sucks but made it hilariously funny and worth while after that.

but here's the thing.... the more and more i watch this series, the more I feel a sense of de ja vu... it all seemed quite familiar. And so i continued to watch and watch and watch. until it finally hit me. its like i've seen all this before. well, more or less.

Do u see any resemblance with this........

and this?

hahaha! this is the crazy bunch of ppl i have been hanging out with for this year. although i dont always agree with them but they are undoubtedly my good friends. all of us with different past, different stories and totally different backgrounds. its kinda funny how things get tangled up in the way and how we met now that i think back again. awesome bunch of ppl. we're not all perfect but hey, we're people and we're still learning.

i dont have to introduce name by name now, do i?u know who u are.

and who knows, mayb in 10 years time, we might juz end up like them... or mayb not...

but the group picture above is not quite complete. we forgot the person BEHIND the camera... it is no other than Mr. Lee Jun Guan. But thankfully, in this modern age and time we have something known as "Photoshop cs2". its been a long time since i've ever used it properly. but anyhow, i will try my best.
(15 minutes later....)
Much Better! Now, everyone's here.

p/s: i have no idea y my legs are like that. mayb i'm not too fond of geese.

well, till nxt time! gonna continue watching now. and i will do so until i get a call from borders.

Monday, October 5, 2009

ghost of marcus's past.

its going to be a long boring post.

been doing a little trips to the past. well, atleast thats wat i call it...

following a series of constant insomnia, my mind begin to wonder all night long. suddenly thinking a lot about my past.
about who am I and what i did.

something like the ghost of Christmas past paying me a visit. juz that he reminds me about a lot more things than juz past Christmases.

i begin to look back to all those stupid little things that i did.

some good some bad. and the bad habit of all these ghost of the past. they tend to remind u more of the bad one. the reali reali reali embarrassing ones. hahaha. things i wish i could juz Ctrl + Z. hahaha... but i feel that all these things happened for a reason and i believe its for the greater good. like how some would say, "Good or Bad, its hard to say!"

well, there are things that i can actually make me smile like some nut-case in the middle of the night. juz laughing silently to myself. the joy u actually receive by simply helping others. the smile u get from them after u do something for them. haha. sometimes, a simple "thank you" followed with a sincere smile makes everything that is sacrificed worth while. i start recalling a few.

n yea, been watching quite alot of tv recently too. the internet in my area has fallen to the level beyond help and i cant think of anything to do online anymore. so, in replacement of Internet, i put in some TV. been watching few weird moives here and there recently too...

movies like The Pursuit of Happyness, a movie i would recommend to all.. a reali good movie. its been so long since i watch a movie that could actually make my eyes water. 2 thumbs up for me. i juz dont like will smith with that funny Afro hair and mustache. other than that, an absolutely awesome movie. inspiring too. its good movies like these that feeds energy to my marcuslim short term unlimited energy semangat bar. i have been misusing it too bar at critical stage. in deep need of inspiration and motivation.

Star World is now like one of my favourite channels... i kinda like the series that they put in. watched a few episodes of FRIENDS, Simpsons and Royal Pains. and i somehow like they guy from royal pains. he just wants to go out there to help ppl. i wanna be something like that when i grow up. i may not have superb medical knowledge but i do have my basic 1st aid skills. does that count?

after watching all these, i remember the joy of TV which i had long-forgotten. been quite long since i got this good feeling after watching TV. now there is more balance in the things i like doing and things i dont like doing.

aha. went to maintain wif my 2 old buddies recently. went up BJ hill with chiao and easaw. chiao went up ahead of us before we even reach the foot of the hill. anyway, we met up there and exchanged stories. Easaw on the other hand, we had like 30 mins to catch up on things that happened in 2 years. hahaha. told him a lot of nonsense. and he's considered good d k. able to hike up well. we shall go again this week. after that had a call from "jun guan" and "joel lim" for movie. ran down and flew to queensbay.

watched G-force. okay la the movie. i feel darwyn is a very nice Guinea pig. a "man" that leaves no rodent behind. no matter wat. i respect that attitude. i could learn a thing or 2 from him. to be more reliable. to be able to say, "okay, dun worry, juz leave it to me" confidently and have at the same time gets the confidence of everyone else. i want to have that confidence.

all in all, in my soul searching. i came to afew goals in mind.

balance Entertainment and Study, more of both
More mountains
More TV
More risks
More confidence
less complains
less emo.(i'm a VERY emo person, i read thru the things i said in the skbg forums and i even feel sad for myself. that's bad. no more of that. its a happy life from now on.)
more breakfasts
less branch-es
more sleep during night n less during day
more stern
less crazy and childish acts
in other words to be a better person. see me again in a month and see if there's a notable difference.hehe.

that'll be all. its late and i have test tmr. and i cant believe i'm typing this. nvm. come.. i will take on the challenge! bring it! no pain no gain.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

forgot something?

A recent study suggests that merely glancing from left to right (the traditional “shifty look” of spies and sneaks) can boost memory power and help people differentiate between real and imagined memories. Moving the eyes up and down had no such effect. The trick may work because the specific left/right eye movement engages both the left and right hemispheres of the brain at the same time. As little as 30 seconds of the activity could be enough to help you remember where you left your wallet, or the number sequence needed to deactivate that bomb.

Dr Andrew Parker, of Manchester Metropolitan University, explains “Often, we may be confused over whether a memory is for something real or something we only imagined or thought about.

"For example ‘Did I really lock the door or did I only imagine locking the door?’ Bilateral eye movements may help us to determine accurately the source of our memory.

“This could be important in situations where we feel uncertain, unclear or maybe even just confused about what we may have done or said.

“Our work shows that true memory can be improved and false memory reduced. One reason for this is that bilateral eye movements may improve our ability to monitor the source of our memories.”

“Some research indicates that certain types of memory – for example what one did yesterday, or memory for a word in an experiment – are dependent upon interactions between the cerebral hemispheres.”

This research was published in the science journal Brain and Cognition, and is further evidence that eyes and memory are likely somehow connected.






so the nxt time i ask if i locked my car, i'll turn my eye from left to right and try to recall... we'll see if it reali works. haha!

i hope it does.

cause it gets irritating at times. i keep asking other ppl if i locked my car or not. if i took my bottle or not.

today, jun guan can even tell me my inti account password which i myself fail to remember.

me and my memory

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


lately there's a couple of things troubling my little head.
nothing much can be done about that, so i chose to free up my mind in some way.

its started from an absolutely ramdom thought. during class as Mr. Alan Wong is teaching about transformers, my mind will be wandering around. body there, soul not there. after the class i juz went "i wan go climb mountain!"...

if u knew me long enough, u'll see that i'm full of this weird sudden things.
when i came to that decision, jun guan was dragged along as he follows me home. poor jg...

in our college attire, we took on BJ hill which is juz opposite INTi. realised how unfit i reali am and how jg walks non-stop like a robot.

that was the 1st time. my mind was cleared a little but i guess 1 time is not enough. after that, jg seems to share the same enthusiasm and we decided to hike up again. this time, wen ping decided to tagg along. and since wp tagged along, yonn-weih has no choice but to follow too cuz he follows wp home. the curse of the non-drivers.

and from there, we can now see 4 crazy guys hiking up BJ hill at the weirdest times with their jeans and sandals.

u can see his version here.

hahaha... sorry guys, all because 1 guy came up with a random mountain climbing idea. but its good exercise and a good way to free up the mind.

Arghhh.. i have to stop thinking too much. focus on wats reali important and forget the rest. why is is it so hard, marcus?? (slaps self)

watever happened, is already too late and for watever that is going to happen, no matter how much u worry, nothing will change. thats wat i keep telling myself. i know that! but i cant do that.

oh yea, suddenly remembered the time i watched spiderman III during jg's birthday. a reali nice movie. gets me everytime... listened to a very nice saying from aunt mary that reali striked me.

peter parker: i dont know wat to do now.
aunt mary: you must start with the hardest thing. you must forgive yourself.